• Swift Plinths & EcoBase grids help save time and money

    Whether you’re laying a large foundation for a log cabin, timber-built office or simply preparing a lightweight base for a shed, greenhouse or log store, Swift Foundations provide economic and eco-friendly solutions.

View the Swift Plinth or EcoBase foundation solutions.

  • Swift Plinth

    A professional pad foundation system for heavy duty applications.


    Suitable Uses

    • Log Cabins
    • Garden Offices & Studios
    • Decking
    • Sport Pavilions
    • Static Caravans
    • Stables & Barns
    • SIPS Buildings
    • Timber Frame Buildings
    • Domestic & Commercial use
  • EcoBase

    An eco-friendly alternative to concrete bases, ideal for sheds and car parking.

    EcoBase used under Shed

    Suitable Uses

    • Garden Sheds
    • Bike Stores
    • Greenhouses
    • Log Stores
    • Hot Tubs
    • Summer Houses
    • Car Parking
    • Driveways

(Please note: Individuals are responsible for an assessment of their ground conditions on site)